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Thursday, July 14, 2005 

How kind of you Kuwait.

I'm sure that along with the rest of Britain, I'd like to thank the Kuwait Information Centre for taking a full page advert out in today's Grauniad.

It's nice to know that a Middle Eastern country so close to Iraq, and with such a close history to it, is paying attention to what's happening here and not in the country it shares a border with. Looks like they're thanking us for liberating them from Saddam in 1991.

It's also interesting to note that Kuwait only very recently agreed on the suffrage of women, with the vote held in the Kuwati parliament supported by 35 against 23. It's also unclear what conditions will placed on women when they finally get the chance to express their opinion via the ballot box in 2 years time. Among the other Arab states that have democracy, or some form of it, only Saudi Arabia seems to be holding out against the dangerous notion of letting women muddy the policital waters.

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