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Thursday, March 23, 2006 

David Cameron: A vacuous lying buffoon.

David Cameron's pathetic reply to Gordon Brown's 10th budget shows just how far he yet has to go to even think about genuinely challenging Labour in the next election. It should mark the start of the end of the honeymoon.

Cameron stood up for only 8 minutes, letting rip with a volley of insults, half-jokes and blatant distortions which only showed just how completely lacking he is. The only jab which he managed to make was that the Chancellor hadn't mentioned the NHS once in his speech; true, but he had already set the amount of funding the NHS was to receive this year in a previous budget. Cameron from then on just ranted, seeming to believe that by shouting loud enough you'll somehow undo your opponent. He failed miserably.

Gordon Brown is an "analogue politician in a digital age" who is "completely stuck in the past", David Cameron told the Commons yesterday in a response to the budget, which previewed their likely head-to-head combat at the next general election.

Mr Cameron said the chancellor was "mortgaging the country's future" by leaving it with "£6,000 of debt for every household in this country". Far from being prudent he was "an old-fashioned tax- and-spend chancellor". Mr Brown had had 10 budgets to improve transport, but "some of our motorways look like car parks", NHS deficits had reached £1bn and more than half of the country's children were failing to reach the required standards by the time they left school.

"Billions raised, billions spent, no idea where the money's gone. With a record like that the chancellor should be running for treasurer of the Labour party," Mr Cameron said.

No idea where the money's gone? It's been used to vastly improve schools and hospitals from what they were like in 1997. They are not as good as they should be, schools still fail too many children, but these are not the failures of the chancellor; he provides the money, not the ethos and the curriculum. Taxes have gone up, it's very true, but they are only now reaching levels which are historically high, still low compared to on the continent and way below the levels of the early 70s before the later Thatcher years brought them way down and left the public services in disarray.

No, all Cameron's bluster was just a personal attack on the man he knows he has to beat at the next election. Cameron didn't offer any alternative, the Tories are highly unlikely to match his increased spending on education, and all he did was use insults which don't even make any sense. What the hell does an analogue politician in a digital age mean? It's pointlessly post-modern posturing, by a man who is trying so desperately to look young and "with-it" that he's willing to copy Blair in almost every way, right down to the empty slogans and non-answers. What really scares the Tories is that Brown actually might have some convictions that they will not be able to copy, which is what they have done so far since Cameron's succession to the party leadership. With such a witless personal attack, Cameron just looks a vacuous lying idiot, his pledge to end "punch and judy" politics fully tore apart in his screaming, a pledge already broken with previous attacks and smears against John Prescott by his front benchers.

Perhaps it was just me, but Brown's oratory yesterday almost made me believe in Labour again. All the signs point to his abandoning of any really radical policy positions he may have had, but it nearly had me thinking that he will be different. In reality what we are increasingly faced with is a vapid Tory leader who has no convictions whatsoever, and a Labour leader in waiting who has to abandon his in order to win the support of the Blairites. Menzies Campbell also did a good speech yesterday, but hardly anyone was listening. That sadly is the way that it's likely to stay for the next couple of years at least, with the Tories continuing their nasty attacks on Gordon Brown, while we wait for Blair to go. And politics will be much the worse for it.

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He showed what a buffoon he was when he said that he would go over in his mind a hundred times whether the attempted rescue of the British aid worker was the right thing to do, but then added that he was certain that it was!

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