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Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Skull rape.

I don't check the comments on old posts very often. Hence how I missed up to now this gem on an old post on a school putting a CCTV system in the toilet:

are u kidding? respect yer students and theyll respect u?
u ever taught in a skool?

our skool has cctv in the loos and no-one complains. weird comments u make, mate.

when yer daughter or son gets skull raped in a school toilet then set alight maybe you'll think different.

I'm not sure what skull rape involves, and I'm not sure I want to know, but thanks to Anonymous anyway.

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From Postman Patel Blog
Thursday, February 9 2006


An expanded £10,000 revamp to their CCTV network (initially installed 4 years ago) now covers a large part of the school Cardinal Langley RC High School, Middleton, Manchester, UK.

Thanks to cameras in the boys and girls toilets headteacher, Colin Mason the caretaker and members of the senior management team can keep an eye on the washrooms at all times.

Not, it appears, to keep a watch on potential priestly paedophiles but reduce the vandalism, graffiti and “inappropriate” (?) use of the toilets .. and the chance of a crafty drag on a fag.

The report doesn’t say if the teachers toilets are under such surveillance.

Pic courtesy, (BBC pic of the imfamous George Michael toilet)the payers of BBC TV Licence of the LA Public Toilet that the cops caught pop singer (?) George Michael committing a "solitary lewd act" .... Kids be warned no mucky mags , no fags, the beak is watching.

Translators Note : In the UK a fag is a street expression for a cigarette. The beak is one of many, many slang expressions for the Headmaster.

Keep up the good work
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