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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

Peace, justice, love for all - not in Britain.

Hat-tip to D-Notice:

The ridiculous and disgraceful policing of the banning of protests within a mile of parliament without seeking prior permission continues apace. The law primarily meant to remove Brian Haw and stop a repeat of the schoolchildren who blocked parliament square at the start of the Iraq war (as well as the embarrassment caused when the police started leathering Countryside Alliance supporters) has claimed a couple more victims. Barbara Tucker and Steve Jago, quite clearly suicidial terrorists hell bent on assassinating Tony and Cherie Blair, were both arrested after having the indecency to turn up outside Downing Street with a couple of placards:

The legal justification for arrests within a mile of parliament is section 132 of the
Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, more widely known as the Serious and Organised Farce Act. A judge has already said that 132 interferes with protestors human rights, but he was obliged to hand down sentences despite that. While it seems unlikely in this case that Steve or Barbara will be prosecuted, it gives the lie to what Tony Blair told Henry Porter in their email exchange over civil liberties a couple of months ago.
You say people can only have blank placards outside Parliament and can't protest. Go and look at the placards of those camped outside Parliament - they are most certainly not blank and usually contain words not entirely favourable to your correspondent.
And within weeks of Blair saying that, Mr Haw had his protest destroyed by 78 police officers in the dead of the night. Freedom of speech and protest - but only if you let them know you're going to do it first, and forget about using a loudspeaker, or even a bell. Welcome to Blair's Britain.

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So dangerous.....yeah right!!!

What do you think about the relative lack of coverage on the front of our national newspapers of the Mumbai bombs? I wrote quite an angry post I'm afraid.

Aren't you worried about legal action for those docs? I haven't looked at them.

What's happened to the blog btw? Or is it just that it was a bit iffy when I came on it just now?


The stylesheet was hosted on typepad, which was down, which is why the page was devoid of images.

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