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Saturday, June 21, 2008 

Seen elsewhere.

Lenin on the anti-BNP demo in London, where the police were photographing everyone yet again.

David Davis responds to the criticism he faced on Question Time for supporting 28 days.

Matthew Parris says the Taliban can't win - but neither can we.

Marina Hyde flays Andy Burnham in her typical style.

Justin on Brown's bizarre decision to do a Tony.

Chris plays devil's advocate yet again over Big Brother and Naomi Campbell.

The Churners look deeper into the "thought shower" political correctness scandal.

Tory Troll notes a quite brilliant apology from the Evening Standard to David Gest.

Jihadica obliterates the ludicrous claim that Abu Qatada, currently having his stools examined by MI5, has somehow managed to release a new book.

And Londonstani on that other mainstay of the British jihadi scene, Omar Bakri.

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The Tory Troll story has the same link as the Churner Prize one...

Erk - thanks for noticing.

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