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Monday, February 09, 2009 

The British Cissy Party.

Thanks to my signing up some time back on the British National Party's website to argue with some knuckle-dragger that was linking here, I now get sent their irregular newsletter. Its usual content is banal in the extreme: the latest tales of where the Fuhrer himself and his "Truth Truck", or as it's otherwise known, the liar lorry, have visited this week in the multicultural hell-hole that is our fine country. Last week they were ecstatic about the Lindsey strikes, lying about how they had been given a warm welcome which in reality equated to them being told to go forth and multiply. This week they're outraged by a headteacher phoning up one of their local election candidates:

When BNP candidate for the Swanley by-election, Paul Golding, received a call from the Head Teacher of Swanley Technology College, he expected an adult conversation regards the election but instead found himself subjected to a tirade of anti-BNP hatred.

The Head Teacher in question, Julie Bramley, subjected Mr. Golding to a five minute ear-bashing during which she derided the BNP as "racist", "ignorant" "narrow-minded" and accused us of feeding on people's "insecurities" and "anxieties". She stated that Britain wasn't "full-up" with immigrants and that our people are not treated like second-class citizens.

Taken aback by this astonishing display of political intolerance from a so-called liberal, Mr. Golding ended the call. Nevertheless, we recommend that BNP E-News readers email Mrs Bramley and politely point out the terrible problems of immigration and multiculturalism and demand that she desist from attacking candidates in elections and concentrate on her job as a Head Teacher.

For a bunch of rough tough political realists the BNP really are a rather precious bunch, aren't they? This tirade of anti-BNP hatred, this astonishing display of political intolerance, known to the rest of us as statements of the bleeding obvious. While Julia Bramley's email inbox is probably already full to bursting with well-written, literate and polite criticisms of her vicious assault on a shocked, shy and retiring political animal, you might just want to email her as well with something approaching support: headteacher@swanley.kent.sch.uk

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The question in my mind - what had the BNP done to upset Ms. Bramley? Leafletting outside her school perhaps? I don't think we've got the whole story from the BNP side; surprise, surprise!

I go to the school, the reason why Mrs Bramley phones is because a few days before the BNP were handing out leaflets to a local estate which included pictures of the electee outside the schools main gates with the schools logo in the background. Apperently they was saying that the school she is head of was the main target of anti social behaviour etc. A newsletter was handed out today to the whole school explaining that the school is nothing to do with the BNP etc. So in olther words the BNP are jus causing aload of shit.

Thanks for that Angus. It would indeed have been strange for the head teacher to suddenly decide to pick on poor delicate Paul Golding completely out of the blue...

Until 2007 when I resigned from the Labour Party, I was the Chairman of our Distict Council for the second time, and 8 years a councillor. Never defeated in 5 elections.

Therefore a pillar of society and a fine upstanding man?

Now because I could no longer stand the hypocracy and attitude of Labour I have joined the BNP and am now proud to be a Knuckledragger, despite my MENSA card.

Wake up Britain, these Lefties ARE selling you down the drain

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