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Saturday, March 21, 2009 

Weekend links.

Another week down, and Manchester United lose for the second weekend in a row. Things don't get much sweeter.

Anywho, onto matters at hand. On the blogs both Craig Murray and BenSix comment on Canada barring George Galloway, Murray especially wondering whether our politicians might make a similar stance to the Dutch ones that supported Geert Wilders. Fat chance; ours don't care about freedom of speech. Paul Linford provides his weekly column, on the policy vacuum at the heart of the Conservatives, Justin answers Tom Harris's feigned outrage that bloggers didn't note the dropping of the much criticised bailiffs policy, where it's tempting to ask whether Harris would like some cheese with his whine, Anton Vowl sees the Mail engaging in up-skirt journalism, but only because Gemma Arteton was wearing (big) pants rather than none, Alix Mortimer says that the upcoming Labour intake shows that the party's doomed, John B notes some statistics which show that the murder rate in London remains stable, rather undermining the "knife crime" epidemic motif, while if you only read one thing, I can't recommend enough Laurie Penny's Tales from the Turnpike, where she collars a banker, relieves him of one note of his fat wad, and hands it to a distressed homeless teenager. Almost restores your faith in humanity.

In the papers, it's a rather a barren week. Marina Hyde in her usual waspish fashion tackles OK!'s premature killing off of Jade Goody, Matthew Parris is readable as ever on lawyers, the law and the connection with politics, and Howard Jacobson somehow files the Myerson saga down to just Jake's habit for making cheese on toast at 2 in the morning and leaving the gas on.

As for worst tabloid article, we are once again spoiled for choice. If we wanted to create a new category of most mystifying tabloid piece, it would have to go to the Sun so much as bothering to cover the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. There isn't of course so much as a word dedicated to the paper's own involvement, and surprisingly in the comments there isn't any mention of it either, where you would expect there might have been. One has to wonder how heavily moderated it's been, although they could have just turned comments off. Also in the Scum is the continued haranguing of Harriet Harman, hilariously called "Harperson", for daring to have a bit of fun with actor Michael Sheen. The prize though must go yet again to Amanda Platell, this time commenting on the post office worker who refuses to serve people who can't speak English. There are choice points throughout, but it's Platell's conclusion that corks it:

It isn’t racist to say that while immigration has benefited Britain in many ways, there are now simply too many people settling here who don’t share our values - and, at worst, actively despise them.

No, it isn't racist - it's just completely and utterly ignorant. Much like the postie himself.

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I hope you don't mind me sharing a particularly horrible YouTube post from this weekend, by a lone xenophobe using the death of Jade Goody in an attempt to gain maximum exposire for his goose-stepping gibberish. In fact, it's so laughable idiotic that most viewers are bound to conclude he is simply a sad prick. Visit, vomit and then politely tell him what you think of his nasty drivel:


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