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Monday, March 15, 2010 

Celebrity endorsements.

Is there, or can you think of a less exciting celebrity endorsement of a political party than that of today's quite brilliant Sun front page, announcing to the world Andy McNab has switched his support to the Conservatives? I've been racking my brains, but I can only mainly come up with slightly contentious or potentially offensive endorsements, such as Michael Barrymore pledging his vote to Labour, or just naff ones, such as Noel Edmonds bigging up the Lib Dems.

Then again, perhaps this is just part of the way in which political programmes have tried to get down with the kids or have non-political but "normal" guests, hence the appearance of Monty Don on Question Time or Lady Sovereign deciding she didn't want to be on This Week after all (She says she had a panic attack, which is fair enough). Closer to May the 6th, can we look forward to learning who Maggot from Goldie Lookin' Chain is going to put an x in the box for, or whether Daniella Westbrook is going to use her vote?

(I mean, that's presuming that actually is Andy McNab behind the porn-like obscuring black block with Dave; after all, it could be some bloke that was wandering around Westminster that they got to pose with him for a fiver. How do we even know that Andy McNab exists, or that he really is voting for the Tories? Why am I writing this unfunny crap?)

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I, after due consideration, am voting for the Liberal Democrats.

They're obviously not as downright evil as the Conservatives, nor are they willing to bend to authoritarian pressure from the whack'a'loon taboids as the Labour party.

Cable seem willing to discuss difficult measures, Clegg is a bit of a wet fish, but has stated a straightforward manifesto pledge for lower taxes for the poor, higher taxes for the rich.

Both of the Liberal leaders are at least willing to debate the future in a way that Osborne/Darling or Brown/Cameron or obviously unwilling to.

When you have to choose between evils, the authoritarian evil that is Labour, or the market insanity that is Tory, you can only choose the Liberals that mitigate the damage of both extremes.

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