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Wednesday, March 31, 2010 

Migration issues.

As some of you might know, Blogger is discontinuing FTP publishing from the 1st of May. Not wanting to leave it to the last minute, I've just pseudo-migrated the blog using this tool, which in essence mirrors http://septicisle1.blogspot.com here on septicisle.info. The downsides, as I've just realised, are that I've lost the last five years of comments in a stroke, which is something of a shame, and that at the moment leaving a comment results in a lovely Blogger error, although the comment itself does seem to get through, or at least my attempts at testing it by commenting have done despite the error. There are doubtless other errors too, and if you find any I would appreciate it if you'd drop a comment in, presuming of course it can get through.

Slight update: The comments are actually still there, just on the original posts still being hosted on the FTP, which are no longer being linked to. If you remove the index.php?q=/ part from the URL, you'll be able to see them.

Frankly, I'm a bit miffed at Blogger in general for discontinuing it, and am thinking of switching to something else, although my own previous attempt at installing Wordpress on the server failed miserably. You also can't have failed to notice that this place has looked much the same for most of the past 5 years, and because it uses a custom template, it's incompatible with almost all of the new Blogger gadgets and sidebar apps. If anyone therefore is willing to offer their services at redesigning the place, and also helping with general problems with getting the place running smoothly again, please also drop a comment in or email me at kirei@septicisle.info. I can only offer meagre remuneration I'm afraid, but would appreciate the help all the same.

Further update: Fnarr. Just realised that the original feed now isn't going to update automagically. I have uploaded it manually now, although doubtless I'm going to forget to do it at times, so you might want to change any feed subscription to http://septicisle1.blogspot.com/atom.xml. Also going to change it on the feed buttons at the side now. Which is now done. Hopefully. Maybe? OK, my attempts at changing the url in the Syndicate this site (XML) link are failing miserably, redirecting to a broken feed, so the link's staying as it was originally for now and I'll just have to remember to manually upload a version when I post or edit/update one.


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