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Saturday, May 15, 2010 

Human rights, the Con-Dems and hiatus.

Andy Worthington has done his usual bang up job of analysing the voting patterns of our elected representatives when it comes to anti-terrorist legislation, noting the 98 that supported human rights while countering terrorism that are still in the house. More pertinently, it also shows the disconnect between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats on such matters. Only 3 Tories made the list prior to the election, whilst only David Davis voted against the continuation of control orders, as opposed to nearly every Liberal Democrat.

He's also put together a template letter that can be used to contact your MP on the return of Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo, the use of secret evidence in the courts, the renewal of control orders and our general complicity in torture. It'll be especially useful if you have a Lib Dem MP as putting pressure on them on all four matters might just focus some minds when it comes to the crunch on anti-terror policy.

And with that, I'm being dragged away again until next Friday. Keep it foolish until then.

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