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Friday, July 09, 2010 

Isn't David Cameron wonderful?

Shorter Martin Kettle:

Despite having been prime minister for less than 2 months, David Cameron is potentially the best all-round leader of this country of the modern era. Not based on any of the actual policies which he and the coalition are pursuing, as that might suggest otherwise, but simply because of his charm, good manners and false ingratiating behaviour at prime minister's questions. Also a credit to the man was his glad-handing of other politicians at the G20 and EU summit, and not forgetting his brilliant crafting of a deal with the Liberal Democrats which has successfully placed all the criticism squarely upon them rather than the party whose policies are overwhelmingly being implemented. More than anything, he isn't that nasty uncouth Gordon Brown. Did you know the people at Chequers locked away the best crockery in case he smashed it in one of his fits of anger, and that he didn't even thank them for putting up with his shocking behaviour when David Cameron took over?

Even shorter Martin Kettle: I've never met a former private school boy I haven't liked.

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