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Saturday, July 03, 2010 

Sorry everyone!

In an article in Thursday's Daily Mirror, headlined "WHY WE'RE THE WORLD'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER", we reported on the glory years of the paper, back when Hugh Cudlipp was editorial director and we were selling 5 million copies a day. We printed a special wallchart revealing how the paper had changed down the years, yet was still keeping to Cudlipp's classic formula of delivering a popular read whilst also maintaining its social and political influence.

In light of the fact that a tennis player we previously eulogised has been knocked out of a competition, we are happy to withdraw our self-promotion and egomania, and confirm that, of course, we have not been a newspaper and have had no social and political influence since Robert Maxwell got his hands on our parent company.

We apologise for any confusion caused and promise not to repeat the claims - until at least we pretend to still be a newspaper again.

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