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Friday, August 27, 2010 

Quotes of the year.

Finally – and this is the mark of true class – if you can, you should insult your audience. Counter-intuitive perhaps, but it always seems to go down well. Remember James last year? He told you that you were the "Addams family of world media". And this being the British TV industry, there were quite a few people in the hall nodding wisely and thinking: "Yes of course, you're so right James, thank you for saying so."

You know, you really shouldn't encourage him. He was so pleased with his attack on the BBC here that a few months later he decided to sink his teeth into another of those sinister forces that lurks in the undergrowth of our national life. Yep, the British Library.

Do you know what they actually do at the British Library? They gather books together and then encourage people to come in and read them for free. The sick bastards. Now they were proposing to put their newspaper archive online and ask some users to pay a small charge. Outrageous.

The British Army? The British Cheese Awards? Who knows where he'll strike next....

And, as for Five, well I don't think I can do better than the Daily Express: "Great new era for British television" was how they greeted Richard Desmond's purchase of the channel. Nice to see a newspaper being positive about TV for a change.

If this is the result when the BBC actually bothers to respond to criticism from the likes of the Murdochs, why on earth don't they do so more often?

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One thing Thompson, Desmond and Murdoch agree on - Israel can do no wrong.

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