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Wednesday, August 04, 2010 

Scum-watch: "Sick, thick and deluded".

Never one to beat a dead horse when you can instead eviscerate the damn thing, the Sun takes the trouble to conduct a full interview with the mother cited in yesterday's leader contrasting the funerals of Raoul Moat and Alex Higgins. It is the silly season, after all, and why miss a perfect opportunity to attack all those things that the paper professes to loathe? Teresa Bystram is not just "sick, thick and deluded"; according to the paper's editorial by her actions she also proves "herself to be an unfit mother", whose kids should be put "in care". It would of course be interesting to know whether Bystram was paid by the Sun for the interview she gave, especially when unless she really is as thick as the paper claims she must have realised just how they were going to use it, as that might put their rage about how she's using her benefits into some sort of perspective, but never mind.

Far more instructive is that currently the article has 32 comments, a rather poor showing for a piece clearly written with the intention of causing widespread anger at Bystram's fecklessness and indolence. By contrast, yesterday's article on the murder of Robert Coello in Grendon prison has 43, which even taking into consideration a couple of multiple responses is still far higher. Then again, you can't blame them: delighting in the violent death of a child rapist isn't even close to the sickness required to be able empathise with another murderer. That sort of thing demands a front page and a fulminating editorial in the country's biggest selling daily newspaper. Anything less would be a journalistic dereliction of duty.

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