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Tuesday, September 07, 2010 

Mercury prize.

More surprised than I probably should be that the XX actually won, having more or less written them off as both the favourites (until some very strange betting on Paul Weller, that is) and the obvious choice, which never usually end up taking home the prize. Worthy of winning as they are, and undoubtedly best album of last year as it was, I really don't think they needed the win, having entered the zeitgeist and the album already having been praised to the high heavens by pretty much everyone who's listened to it. Would have been lovely for Laura Marling or Wild Beasts to have won, yet the latter are always going to divide people, so after the Speech Debelle incident was less likely. The former would have got my vote, may well have ignited the interest in her which she undoubtedly deserves and would have been a win for something demonstratively different and which isn't getting the attention it should be. Isn't that what the Mercury is supposedly meant to be for and about? (To answer my own not quite rhetorical question: no, not really.)

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