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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 

The Sun does irony?

At the very least, it seems to be having a go. How else to explain today's editorial pinpointing the best Britain has to offer:

IF Britain is so awful, why does the world flock here?

A survey claims we are the worst place in Europe to live.

The Sun thinks the exact opposite.

From the Premier League to the X Factor, and from tandoori chicken to Newcastle Brown, we have Europe beat.

We have the finest scenery, the bravest Forces and the most talented workers. We even have Churchill the nodding dog.

We're not called GREAT Britain for nothing!

In fact, in a typical example of the Sun's penchant for accuracy, the survey finds that Ireland is the worst place in Europe to live while we come second from bottom. Nonetheless, it's clear why the Sun thinks the X Factor is what makes Britain great: it means they can expose contestants who have a sideline in selling sex, in another fabulous victory for press freedom.

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Want me to add this to the Sun Lies?

Don't think it really fits in with any categories over there otherwise I would have done it myself.

The most talented workers? The S*n! They must mean the ones who are not organised and stand for anything their employer dishes out.

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