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Thursday, October 07, 2010 

Labour's new generation.

Of the 19 elected shadow cabinet members:

  • Only 5 voted for Ed Miliband as their first choice for Labour leader (John Denham, Hilary Benn, Sadiq Khan, Ann McKechin, Maria Eagle)
  • Only 2 voted against the Iraq war (John Denham, Ann McKechkin) while Ed Balls, Mary Creagh, Meg Hillier, Liam Byrne and Sadiq Kahn only entered parliament in 2004/2005
  • Regardless of the above, every single one voted against investigating the Iraq war
  • Only Sadiq Khan voted against 90 days detention without charge for "terrorist suspects" (Ann McKechkin abstained) (This has been corrected from the original which said none voted against; see comments) (All incidentally as far as I can tell voted for 42 days; TheyWorkForYou/Public Whip isn't very helpful on that vote)
  • Every single one voted for ID cards
  • Every single one voted for top-up fees while Ed Balls, Mary Creagh, Meg Hillier, Liam Byrne and Sadiq Khan only entered parliament in 2004/2005
  • Every single one either voted for a stricter asylum system or was "absent" on certain votes; none actually voted against the party whip
  • 1 described herself as being used as window dressing after she resigned in a huff for not being promoted (incidentally only days after taking part in a newspaper fashion shoot)
  • 1 stupidly left a message for the new government saying there was "no money left", joking or not
  • 1 knew absolutely nothing about her now ex-husband

Still, a new generation for change, eh?

(Source for all the votes is TheyWorkForYou; far too many pages to directly link to, have to trust me on this.)

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To be fair Kahn did vote against The Extension Of Period Of Detention to 90 Days but yes it's not exactly encouraging.

So he did; TheyWorkForYou ranks that bizarrely as one of the less important votes on anti-terrorism legislation, which threw me off. Will correct that.

Usual bunch of fascist shites, then.

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