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Friday, October 01, 2010 

Nick Griffin as Del Boy.

Things, it seems, are getting truly desperate for Britain's last great white hope against the forces of multiculturalism. The last time we considered the antics of the British National Party and leader Nick Griffin they had just relaunched their youth organisation, wittily named the BNP Crusaders, a group so thoroughly wet that they made the likes of Conservative Future look positively hip and happening.

Thankfully for the party's bank balance the Crusaders seems to be an almost entirely virtual entity, as reports suggest that overreaching during the election campaign has resulted in the party being almost £500,000 in debt. The party's failure to make a breakthrough similar to the one achieved during the European elections reignited the membership's tendency for fratricide, with Griffin being challenged for the leadership, only for all three contenders to fail to get enough nominations to take on the Fuhrer. The most well-known of the three, Richard Barnbrook, has been expelled for his disloyalty.

Perhaps he'll think it's for the best when the leader is reduced to sending out such humiliating pleas as the one landing in the inboxes of members today. Rather than simply begging for cash, Griffin's making an offer most will presumably find easy to refuse: life membership to the party. He's not asking for £500, he's doesn't want £450, nor even £400, he's practically giving it away at a one off price of just £395! For those 395 notes you don't just get the heart-warming feeling that you're saving a party devoted to making the 14 words a reality from possible bankruptcy, you will also receive all of the following gratis:

FREE top quality, exclusive, engraved watch, his or hers.
FREE exclusive LIFE MEMBER pin badge to wear with pride and dignity.
FREE lifelong subscription to Identity magazine 64pp. (£4.99)
FREE lifelong 'annual party reports'. (£6.95)
FREE complementary copies of the party's magazine, Hope and Glory, for your friends.
FREE prestigious LIFE MEMBER certificate parchment scroll for framing.

And best of all:

FREE limited edition 8x10 signed portrait of party chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

The kind of truly timeless heirloom which your children and their children's children will cherish for centuries to come. The proud leader of Britain's foremost white nationalist organisation, left with no other option than to gave away signed portraits of himself for free; oh, how the master race has fallen.

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Griffin's got all the puff of a Del Boy, too.

'Once in a lifetime opportunity' that is the same opportunity as they were giving away this time last year.

'Carefully selected group of British citizens' that just happen to be on the mailing list.

Oh, it's awful, isn't it? Nearly as bad as their bigotry.

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