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Saturday, October 23, 2010 

Quote of the week.

And yet it has also been a week in which there has been at least one glowing reminder of the pleasures and the pride that should accompany being employed by Manchester United and the impression left is this: whatever you think of Sir Alex Ferguson, his hypocrisies, the frequent mistruths and the even more frequent rages, how can anyone not have at least begrudging admiration for that shrewd, political mind, still as sharp as a tack as we approach the beginning of his 70th year?

So sharp it seems that he can be run rings round by a 24-year-old widely regarded by the media, when it's being polite, as "thick". How can anyone not have at least begrudging admiration for someone who has just doubled the already obscene pay of a footballer currently in the worst form of his career, a footballer whom this week insulted both his club and his team mates and threatened in a fit of apparently money-induced pique to go to their fiercest rivals, coincidentally at the exact same time that the rest of the country was introduced to the coming austerity measures?

P.S. Daniel Taylor is the author of This Is the One: Sir Alex Ferguson - The Uncut Story of a Football Genius.

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Alex has an agreement in his contract saying no player shall be paid more then the manager, which now means he gets a lift.

But of course we all knew what this was really about, Alex has been given a new spending budget of £100 million.

I mean when in debt why bother about a bit more, perhaps Alex for leader of labour....

Did Mr. Potatohead actually do any negotiating? Did he pen that cobblers that was issued in his name? Can he write?
His role in this farce was to sulk. He can sulk for England even if he can't score for England.

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