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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 

Shorter Sun editorial on Vince Cable.

(The original follows below, as Sun editorials are not properly archived.)

The first duty of a Government (sic) Business Secretary is to be partial and sycophantic towards Rupert Murdoch.

Vince Cable displayed neither of these qualities in his rant against News Corporation's attempt to buy the shares in BSkyB it does not already own.

By stripping from Cable his important media responsibilities and handing them to the culture secretary Mr Jeremy Cunt, someone who has shamelessly brown nosed us, the normal equilibrium of Government (sic) has been restored. For this we give thanks to the quick thinking of David Cameron and his fluffer, Nick Clegg.

Instead of prancing around on the BBC, Vince Cable should just fuck off.

THE first duty of a Government Business Secretary is impartiality and fairness.

Vince Cable displayed neither in his rant against News Corporation's attempt to buy the shares in BSkyB it does not already own.

It was a massive misjudgment by a minister in a post that demands rigorous objectivity.

News Corporation is The Sun's parent company, so we declare an interest.

But the issue is not whether Mr Cable likes our company but whether he was capable of doing his job properly when by his own admission he is so biased.

The principle would be the same for any company upon which the Business Secretary was sitting in judgment.

For a Cabinet minister to talk of launching a "war" against a firm just to satisfy his own private agenda was disgraceful.

For the punishment to fit the crime, Mr Cable should have been at the very least demoted.

Instead, the Business Secretary has clung on but been stripped of his important media responsibilities.

At least by letting him stay in the Cabinet - on the principle of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer - David Cameron stops Mr Cable rocking the Coalition boat from outside.

Foolish Mr Cable has only himself to blame for his humiliation.

On Saturday he will be clowning around on TV's Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special.

After that, perhaps it'll be time for the Business Secretary to Foxtrot Oscar.

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This is really worrying but will go through and those rocking the boat will be branded 'paranoid' or 'extremist' for worrying about such a concentration of the media in the hands of a single man.

I've just written a blog post where I quote Murdoch as saying he'd like to turn Sky into a Fox-style station. You might say, hang on a minute, people would just watch the BBC instead; but let's not forget, Rupert is waging a war on the BBC also, and I fear he may have far-more forceful allies in this government than in the last in slowly squishing the BBC.

A cynic might even suggest that the Coalition set all this up themselves, although personally I wouldn't go that far.

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