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Friday, January 28, 2011 

First world problems.

One of those nights where it's fairly pointless to write something major as it looks as if absolutely anything could yet happen. We can however depend on not just politicians with everything to lose from the collapse of the Mubarak regime exhibiting the usual double standards on freedom and human rights, but also our own wonderful citizens to focus on what's really important. From the BBC live blog:

Shepper from Derby, in the UK writes: "Why doesn't the British Foreign Office advise against all but essential travel to Egypt? Was going to visit the pyramids but can't cancel and get my money back until the Foreign Office advise against travel. Ridiculous. Would any normal person want to go there at the moment? Come on, FO, get the right advice posted."

The revolution won't be tweeted, but al-Jazeera is doing its best to televise it.

P.S. And the BBC is reporting Brenda Namigadde will not be deported overnight, an injunction having been granted in her favour.

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