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Thursday, April 28, 2011 

Calm down, dears: it's only the economy.

It was good to see yesterday that instead of focusing on the GDP figures released by the Office of National Statistics, which showed that the economy has stagnated over the last six months even before the cuts have begun to kick in, Labour politicians thought the really important issue of the day was that David Cameron had been slightly rude in his usual pompous way to one of their own.

As potentially significant as it is to recognise that Cameron can be almost as quickly riled as Gordon Brown when he realises he's being outmanoeuvred, something which was also apparent during the prime ministerial debates last year, it would also help to point out the catastrophic effect this government has had on overall economic confidence since it took power. Rather than putting fuel in the tank, George Osborne has left it running on fumes. Still, when there was a "classic sexist put-down" to be responded to and endlessly discussed, it was obvious which was going to gain the most attention. Downing Street must have spent today laughing as much Osborne was.

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