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Monday, June 27, 2011 

Another unfunny short post.

David Cameron has insisted human rights issues are not "off limits" with China after holding talks with the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao.

"On the contrary", Cameron said, "we had a long and fruitful discussion on the very subject. In line with Wen's insistence on treating each other as equals, he gave me a very helpful insight into how his government deals with unruly trade unionists, advice which I've passed on to Michael Gove. He isn't certain of the legality of arresting all the striking teachers, but it's an improvement on his parents breaching picket lines wheeze."

"In return, I was happy to explain to Wen how we're managing to maintain the moral high ground in Libya, even when increasingly all we're doing is bombing empty buildings, or 'command and control centres' as the NATO spin doctor insists on calling them. He was especially intrigued with how we're demanding one vicious autocrat in Libya leave power immediately, while in Bahrain we think nothing of inviting round the very people in charge of the repression there and shaking their hand. He told me he was thinking of carrying out a similar exercise in North Korea and Tibet, although I may have got the two mixed up."

Wen said: "We should not be addressing each other on these issues in such a lecturing way. That's why we've agreed to just not talk about it in the future at all. Look, pandas!"

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