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Tuesday, August 16, 2011 

Slightly shorter Melanie Phillips.

In recent weeks, having unfortunately been quoted approvingly by a mass-murderer, I have been responding to wicked smears on my character in my usual understated fashion. Numerous as these verbal pogroms have been, they have been nothing compared to the literally dozens of messages of support I've received.

This support has underlined what I know already - that rather than telling people what to think, I articulate and reflect what dozens of people too stupid or lazy to write their own 1,000 word essays on the downfall of Western civilisation and the rise of Islam at some level already know. In other words, I live on Planet Reality.

It therefore follows that every single one of my critics live on Planet Dhimmistan. My supporters clearly see that when I'm criticised, they are also being attacked and smeared. By disagreeing with me, my critics threaten the well-being and indeed the very survival of Planet Reality.

I am now adjourning to my yearly sabbatical in the Priory. I wish everyone a very good and peaceful summer. Except the Muslims.

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