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Monday, October 31, 2011 

It's a gas.

One of the classic ploys in politics when things are going wrong is to re-announce measures that have already been knocking around for some time. Hence heralded today was the last round in the dishing out of funds from the regional growth fund, although as Labour's Chuka Umunna pointed out the money allocated was still a real terms cut due to the scrapping of the (arguably ineffective) regional development agencies, with their budget for a year spread out instead over three.

Still, it is at least nice to see David Cameron announcing infrastructure projects, even if the two approved power stations had long been mooted. Shame then that when Dave additionally says there's "room for optimism" over the economy both the OECD and ILO seem to disagree. Tomorrow, happily, sees the announcement of the growth figures for July to September, providing an insight into just who's right. My metaphorical money's on the latter two organisations.

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