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Thursday, November 24, 2011 

A lack of respect.

As mentioned in yesterday's post, the Guardian swiftly apologised for the quite wonderful Marina Hyde's claim that the Sun had door-stepped the junior counsel to the Leveson inquiry who many on Twatter felt had taken a shine to Hugh Grant. Last night the paper, despite not really being mentioned much by the McCanns in their evidence hadn't managed to find the time to put up a piece on this rather more crucial aspect of the inquiry, but strangely imagined their readers would be far more interested in the Guardian's apology, putting it just below the top story.

Today, although it's slipped down the pecking order, the site's editors still regard it as more important than the actual hearing. As well as apologising for getting it wrong, the Guardian also says it regrets the "suggestion that there was an intention by the Sun to show a lack of respect to the inquiry or Lord Justice Leveson". Perhaps not to Leveson himself; just to those their now deceased sister paper so disgracefully treated.

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