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Monday, November 28, 2011 

Not much of a revolution.

Just the six weeks after OccupyLSX failed miserably to achieve the very thing their name suggests they were created to do, they've finally managed to produce their first batch of policy proposals. How then are the 99% to be won over to their way of thinking?

Through, of course, the abolition of tax havens. Despite then having been in situ outside St. Paul's for all that time, their first call for action is on the very thing that UK Uncut have campaigning on for over a year. True, they dress it up very slightly by urging alongside it an independent monitor of corporate lobbying and for personal responsibility within the boardroom, but it suggests a rather limited sense both of attention spans and how capitalism should be reformed. Doubtless the daily assemblies will eventually though provide an entire programme on what should be done: shame we'll most likely be long dead by then.

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You remind me of the guy that complained about the choice of music as the Titanic went down.

Do you ever have anything constructive to suggest?

There are already enough apologists for the 1%.

Well yes, I do actually: how about calling for worker representation on remuneration committees? What about a limit on executive pay? Why not require 5% as a bare minimum of annual profits to go to charities of the company's choice? A commitment to the living wage?

The thing that absolutely baffles me as someone on the left that thinks the 99% is a powerful meme is just how those leading the Occupy movement, who naturally claim there are no leaders, seem determined to squander the attention they've received by spending weeks coming up with such utterly bland and limited statements. Yes, we agree the 99%, now what should we do to change it which doesn't involve making sure companies pay their taxes? It's not the be all and end all amazingly enough.

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