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Tuesday, November 29, 2011 

The true definition of a cunt.

Take a bow, Paul McMullan. You really are quite a piece of work. At least you had the decency to admit you went too far, if only once:

McMullan says he regrets the stories he did on Jennifer Elliott, the daughter of actor Denholm Elliott.

She became a drug user and started begging following the death of her father and the News of the World exposed this.

I really regret it because I'd got to know her very well and I really quite liked her. The fact she was begging outside Chalk Farm station came from a police officer, who had been surprised when he asked her to move on.

I went too far on that story. Someone crying out for help, not crying out for a News of the World reporter.

I then took her back to her flat and took a load of pictures of her topless.

Then she went on TV and described me as her boyfriend.

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A second definition is Jeremy' execute strikers' Clarkson.

And the bent policeman that sold him the story.

The bent copper that sold the News of The World the information is even worse.
There is a reason why some call them the filth.

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