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Monday, January 09, 2012 

It's no ordinary sale.

Dominic Mohan's witness statement to the Leveson inquiry doesn't just sell the Sun. He, in the style of
an Osakan shop's promotions, fuckin' sells it:

Put simply, The Sun connects with the values, broad interests and obsessions of millions of ordinary working men and women every day and in doing it serves a proper purpose in our democracy. It distills complex important issues of the day, including politics, finance and law into concise readable copy which educates and entertains. Publishing popular newspapers is not a public service but the publication of commercially successful titles like The Sun is, I believe, in itself in the public interest.

How then did the Sun connect with the values, broad interests and obsessions of millions on Saturday, distilling the complex important issues of the day into concise readable copy?
By splashing, of course, on how Ed Miliband (or rather, one of his aides) had made a typo when tweeting about the death of Bob Holness. Blackbusters! LOL! How Freudian!

Mohan was far too humble: truly, not just in the public interest, but also a public service.

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