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Thursday, April 16, 2015 

Dirty cash.

"I always have challenged the establishment", says Richard Desmond, desperately trying to convince himself it was right to piss £1 million up the wall by donating it to the UKIPs.  Then again, it's easier to justify such largesse when back in 2004 the owner of the Express and smut purveyor Television X (choice title on offer currently: Ben Dover The Old Fucker 3) paid himself £51.47m out of his company Northern and Shell's coffers.  He also seems to have forgotten his dalliance with Labour, that enemy of the establishment, after giving the party a donation of £100,000 just as Stephen Byers decided not to refer his buying of the Express to the competition commission.  The long suffering hacks on his newspapers meanwhile, forced to cover Desmond's turning up to the opening up of an envelope just as Mirror journalists once did the adventures of Robert Maxwell, haven't received a pay rise in 7 years.  To judge from Nigel Farage's erratic at best performance in the debate tonight, Desmond might already want his money back.

P.S.  The Graun reports the notes made by the journalists allowed in to some of the secret portions of the Erol Incedal trial have been locked away in Thames House, apparently so dangerous are their contents.  The utter paranoia of the securocrats knows no bounds.

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