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Saturday, September 12, 2015 

Life becoming a landslide.

Harriet Harman, worst interim leader of any organisation since Roger Biscuitbarrel managed in the space of 3 months to destroy his father's vodka empire, mainly by spending £2bn on a gigantic frozen alcohol castle as a marketing ploy?   Yeah, pretty much.

Also, I can finally label myself with a percentage.  I am the 4.5%.  Feel me.

Good luck Jeremy.  We're all going to need it.

P.S. All those saying kind things about Liz Kendall now (and I don't mean Corbyn).  Where were you before?

P.P.S. "I, Nicola Sturgeon, welcome Jeremy Corbyn so long as he agrees entirely with SNP policy on everything.  If he doesn't, then obviously the Labour party is just as bad as it has always been and the only possible alternative to the Tories is independence, which will truly help England just as much as it will Scotland."

P.P.P.S. As Tom Clark says, humility from everyone ought to be the immediate response to Corbyn's crushing victory.  The best possible way for Corbyn himself to contribute to that, as it's already apparent that the same people with much in the way of responsibility for the scale of the win have no intention of being so, would be to appoint someone as shadow chancellor who is not from within his circle.  Considering quite how many are already saying they're going to the backbenches that might be getting more difficult by the minute, but John McDonnell cannot credibly be George Osborne's opposite.

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Hard to see any of the party as great choices to go up against Osborne in the crucial shadow chancellor role. Every blow landed on him is crucial because the odds are he will lead the Tories at the next election.

IMO Chris Leslie has been a lightweight failure in his short time in the position, so his resignation is rather immaterial. Eagle and Cooper are the two who have the credentials - but do they have the charisma to out-talk Osborne in TV appearances? And would either agree to work with Corbyn. And would he have the good sense to ask?

On Sturgeon, she knows she has the stronger position. I've said it elsewhere, for 2020 Labour has to find a way to make peace with the reality that it isn't going to take back lots of seats from the SNP. The big challenge is to at the same time stave off a Tory campaign of "vote Labour, get SNP."

So many questions - no answers...

Cooper said she's going to the backbenches, unless she changes her mind. Eagle would be a decent choice, although I'd prefer someone from further to the right - but again, who? Apparently Liam "I'm sorry there's no money left" Byrne is making himself available...

I'm less concerned with someone from the Right, more about experience - I think there's a lot of technical speak around economics that whoever is going up against Osborne needs to be able to deal with. But I think Byrne would be a millstone - the press like that note far too much...

Once again, we're back to... who? If it were me I might be trying to press-gang Alastair Darling back, at least for a year or so...

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