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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 

Death of a fascist.

BNP founder dead:

John Tyndall, the 71-year-old founder of the far-right British National party, has been found dead at his home in East Sussex, police said today.

Tyndall, who was due to appear at Leeds crown court on Thursday for allegedly stirring up racial hatred, died at his flat in Westbourne Villas, Hove. He had been charged in connection with a speech he made in March 2004 in Burnley, the site of race riots in 2001 that were blamed on the BNP.

Death is not something we should celebrate, or wish on people. That said, when a person such as John Tydall kicks the bucket, it's not exactly something to cry about either. The BNP and National Front have been poisoning politics in this country for decades. If you want to read a load of lies and the kind of cultural analysis written by someone who thinks that Hitler had the right idea, then his commenting on this year's BNP manifesto is worth a gander. It includes such gems as:

Then Hitler again gets a mention when he is included among Continental rulers who sought to invade and conquer Britain. This is factually untrue; Hitler could easily have walked-in in 1940, but chose not to do so, because he never wanted conflict with this country.

Many will feel that there is indeed a conspiracy behind the drive to eliminate the British people as an ethnic group, and that certain Zionist elements have a hand in it. But why bring the matter up here? And why make a denial concerning it that is clearly contradicted by thousands of facts?

Also noticeable in the Manifesto is any reference at all to the soaring rates of illegitimacy, the breakdown of family life, the absent fathers, the single mothers who deliberately seek that status for their own advantage as distinct from having it forced upon them, and the appalling rate of abortion and its detrimental effect on the birth-rate, particularly among Whites. The British social fabric is simply falling apart but no one would suppose that the BNP has any ideas for reversing this process.

I'm sure you'll agree, this man was quite a guy.

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