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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

Oh sweet jesus.

Noam Chomsky has often said that mainstream newspapers leave the most revelatory or amazing point or fact until the very last paragraph or sentences in their reports. Here's one incredible example of this: Terror cell capable of further attacks;

In a bid to get closer to potential home-grown terrorists, newly recruited police officers are being encouraged to plan a terrorist attack. The course is designed by Hertfordshire police.

Note they're not trying to actually infiltrate a terrorist group, or extremist meetings. They're actually going to plan an attack. They're no longer even being coy about what they're doing. Expect in the next few days that the police will announce they'd like to get dna samples from every child born, as they have done before. They're already establishing such a database by stealth, but in these times, what's the point of being underhand or secretive about it?

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