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Saturday, August 22, 2009 

Weekend links.

The main story of the weekend remains, quite reasonably, the return of al-Megrahi to Libya. Flying Rodent has an excellent general summation of much of that involved, as does the Heresiarch. Elsewhere the on-going healthcare battle in the US is still making noise, with Lenin's "American Psychos" post and the Daily (Maybe) praising "rationing". Jamie has a short round-up of views from Afghanistan on the polling, Dave Semple responds, sort of, to my Twitter-bashing, Pigdogfucker argues that shoplifting is a victimless crime and Tabloid Watch rips to the shreds the latest Muslim-bashing in the Mail.

In the papers themselves, Marina Hyde provides some pop psychology on royalty, Polly Toynbee worries about the huge numbers of young unemployed, Michael Portillo and Robert Fisk share their perspective on al-Megrahi's release, Andrew Grice dismisses the idea that Daniel Hannan is a lone Tory "eccentric", Patrick Cockburn says democracy and occupation don't mix and John Kampfner sees our deployment in Afghanistan as a "failure on an epic scale".

No really awful tabloid piece stands out today, with even the Sun leader on Lockerbie being restrained, so instead we'll go with Sue Reid's article in yesterday's Mail claiming there were more immigrants looking for work in some areas than they were locals, something which was utterly eviscerated by the Daily Quail.

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Some good stuff there, esp. Lenin's Tomb.

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