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Monday, January 04, 2016 

Please let it be Rebel Ringo.

Yes, it's the game currently being played in newspaper offices across the country, it's the what do we call the apparent replacement for Jihadi John jamboree!  Now you too can join in, so long as you have no qualms whatsoever with coming up with an alliterative title for a masked killer who is merely a propaganda tool and has no wider significance within Islamic State whatsoever!  

Will his moniker be:

Rebel Ringo?
Genocidal George?
Plundering Paul?
Fundie Fred?
Militant Maurice?
Terrorist Terrence?
Attacker Arnold?
Salafist Samuel?
Evil Ernie?
Killer Karl?
Islamist Ian?
Balaclava Bill?
Decapitating Donald?
Headlopping Harold?
Neckcutting Nicholas?
The White Widower?
Continuity Corbyn?
Jihadi John (again)?
Hanoi Jane?
Benedict Arnold?

(That's enough silly names. Ed.)

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It is interesting to note that back when it was 'Jihadi John' the videos were a show of DAESH's strength. Now it's 'Chopper Charlie' it's a show of weakness.

The best way to respond to these videos is to not, but that seems beyond the ken of our media and politicians. Best by far was the Sun's "sick new low" front page for featuring the kid in fatigues, which considering the various other things IS has filmed, from the Jordanian pilot being burned alive, the drowning of captives in cages, putting explosives round the necks of prisoners and detonating them and most recently, err, having kids executing prisoners, is pretty mild all told. Then again, none of those people were or might have been British, so the paper couldn't have cared less.

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