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Friday, March 28, 2008 

Is it it just me....

Can someone kindly explain exactly why a: a new building not quite getting off to a brilliant start is considered the top news story for two days running; b: how on earth this is apparently, according to both the press and the BBC, a disaster, despite no one dying and with just a few holidaymakers and business people being delayed for a few hours; and c: how this is meant to affect the country's reputation as a whole when BAA is in fact owned by, err,
the Ferrovial Group, a Spanish multinational?

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It's utterly bizarre, isn't it? Tbe building will almost certainly perform as well, or badly, however you see it, as any other modern airport terminal in Europe.

BAA is, of course, a dreadful company - the best advertisement for anti-monopoly legislation you could find.

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