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Saturday, August 29, 2009 

Weekend links.

Ultra slow weekend, as I'm assume everyone with half a brain is off somewhere, hence a very slight showing from the blogs. That which there is comes from Dave Semple, on the BBC and political bias, Jamie isn't impressed with James Murdoch, Shiraz Socialist notes the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Bogside, Anton Vowl has a plan to save the newspaper industry, Freemania wonders about Daniel Hannan and his admiration for Enoch Powell, Daily Quail has a guide on how to work with the TaxPayers' Alliance and the Heresiarch has a riff on Murdoch's speech. There's also my follow-up on yesterday's Sun - Tabloid Lies post.

In the papers and on their sites, we'll start with Robert Peston, who provides something of a riposte to James Murdoch without realising he was going to do so, then there's Norman Davies in the Indie who reminds us not to forget the real causes of war, marking the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of WWII, Andrew Grice with his thoughts on whether the Tories could campaign on raising taxes - and win, Ian Jack, who explores whether the release of al-Megrahi was a test of Scottish character and Polly Toynbee, who thinks the Tories will come to regret their claims on poverty.

As for worst tabloid article, although it doesn't appear in one, James Murdoch's speech simply has to be included. Also worthy of note though is Melanie Reid in the Times, getting the comment on the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard off to a predictably bad start, but the true winner is (of course) Amanda Platell in the Mail, terrified that it's not the middle class that are having a baby boom, but instead the immigrants, whom FCC deals with in customary fashion.

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