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Thursday, August 27, 2009 

Yet more Glen Jenvey etc.

Spinwatch has a new article up which is by far the most comprehensive attempt yet to link together the "network" which Glen Jenvey was formerly a part of, and includes details on others that have been featured in the Sun's pages as "terror experts", such as Neil Doyle, whom this blog has mentioned on a number of occasions.

It also mentions the Sun's reply to the Press Complaints Commission concerning the "TERROR TARGET SUGAR" story, which Ummah.com had protested about:

In its response to the Press Complaints Commission, a copy of which has been given to Spinwatch, The Sun argued that, ‘to regard Islamic extremists as being in the business of sending ‘polite letters’ is naïve and extreme. This is based on the expert opinion of Glen Jenvey, an expert in radical Islam…it is quite obviously a euphemism…’

Yes, obviously... that's why the thread had to be bumped repeatedly by "Abuislam" to try to get everyone interested in the business of sending "polite letters", and why he also had to suggest turning up at their houses in person. The letter itself will be of even greater interest once it can be released in full.

The article was sadly written before Jenvey's confession that he was indeed "Abuislam", and so the most crucial part of evidence concerning the fakery and entrapment which Jenvey's group used is not included. I, as well as others, had long been concerned about the likes of Vigil and Westminster Journal and their sensationalistic approach to "watching" jihadists, a vital security activity which they have risked undermining through their selling of ridiculous false stories to tabloids; I had intended to write a "who watches the watchers?" post but never got round to it. It does however further pin down Patrick Mercer as one of Jenvey's main supporters and pushers, someone who ought to have been far more careful and circumspect in his dealings with such individuals, and whom Tim Ireland is still currently in dispute with over what he knew and when.

Elsewhere today, which has been incredibly slow, Love and Garbage's entire Lockerbie tag is essential reading, while the Haribo "fruit fucking" story is almost certainly an example of both churnalism and a company getting its story in the press via an alternative source, ala the "Cab, innit" staple.

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Thanks for the kind comments on my posts. As you will be aware this is of personal importance to me. I particularly found the comments by Louise Bagshawe uninformed and offensive, and was greatly angered by them.

There are some good posts from the legal community in Scotland (and elsewhere) where a number of the issues are examined in relation to Kenny macAskill's decision to release Megrahi.

Robert Black QC was the Professor who came up with the model that formed the basis of the trial. He has long believed Megrahi innocent. His blog (a collection of news stories relating to Lockerbie with commentary) is at http://lockerbiecase.blogspot.com/ .

Jonathan Mitchell, QC, is a senior Scottish advocate who has analysed the legal justification for release and the letter from the FBI: at http://www.jonathanmitchell.info/2009/08/24/megrahis-release-kenny-macaskill-was-right/ and http://www.jonathanmitchell.info/2009/08/26/that-letter-from-the-fbi-to-the-justice-secretary/ (the latter is a masterly demolition of the Mueller letter)

Mitchell's views are not shared by all of his colleagues at the Scottish bar. Some comments from Scottish advocates can be found at an interesting post (with comments) from Charon QC at http://charonqc.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/lockerbie-bomber-released-on-compassionate-grounds/ which is heavy on legal analysis but useful in trying to work out what was going on (something the media has not been great at).

There have also been recent posts on lockerbie by professor Hector MacQueen, one of Scotland's leading legal academics at http://www.law.ed.ac.uk/sln/ .

Brilliant new (or rather old) angle on the fruit hoax story - thank you.

Hi Septicisle - found you through Heresiarch, and pleased to have done so.

Many thanks also to Scott and the Lockerbie refs. Great to find two new (to me) blogs that give solid info and don't rant.

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