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Friday, February 18, 2011 

And the prize for worst excuse for phone hacking goes to...

Whatever Glenn Mulcaire has admitted to today in regards to the phone hacking at the News of the Screws, there was no way he could possibly top this from the lawyer for Dan Evans:

Michael Silverleaf QC, representing Dan Evans, said the evidence clearly showed that Dan Evans had dialled Hoppen accidentally. Evans remembered nothing of the calls. The keys on his phone were inclined to stick and to dial numbers accidentally. The use of his own phone to do something which he knew to be illegal would have been "quite unbelievably stupid". A search of his office and home computers had yielded no sign that he was interested in Hoppen until he was told of the allegation against him. The one occasion on which he appeared to have dialled into her voicemail was "one rogue call which nobody has yet explained", Silverdale told the court.

Yes, out of all the millions of combinations of numbers that could have been rang as a result of the keys on his phone sticking in, it just so happened, against all the odds, that Hoppen's was one of them. The use of his own phone would indeed have been "quite unbelievably stupid", as it seems is the brief expecting a court to believe the utter rubbish coming out of his mouth.

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