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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

Suicide bombings?

After first saying that there was no evidence that the bombings on the trains were suicide attacks, the police have now seemingly changed their mind. In other developments, explosives have been found in a car in Luton rail station car park.

Wait, what did I just say? That doesn't seem to make much sense, at least on the mainstream level. If these four bombs were all suicide attacks, carried out by four different people, why did they leave explosives in Luton? It doesn't seem like they'd be coming back. Was someone meant to pick these explosives up? Was one of the bombs not going to be a suicide attack, for instance the bomb on the bus that may well have exploded accidentally?
Why also carry information that seemingly identifies you if you're going to blow yourself up? Is this the vanity of a martyr who wants to be identified? Perhaps these questions will be answered. Perhaps they won't. At the moment this whole thing seems to be incomprehensible.

One of the things I most fear is that this is definitely going to lead to a huge clampdown on the internet. Already Big Ears (aka Charles Clarke) has demanded that up to 3 years of data on the details of all the traffic and location where mobile phone calls, emails and text messages are made be kept by service providers, despite the huge cost this will incur and storing space this will require, let alone the fact it'd be nearly impossible to search for relative information.
On the news they are constantly referring to the videos of attacks on soldiers in Iraq and Chechnya, which are meant to be radicalising the youth and easily available at a computer near you. Also of note are the forums which carry the messages of responsibility for bombings or assassinations, although many of these are often rubbish made by armchair activists. It's starting to look like as though we have even darker days ahead than many of us thought.

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captain penis, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I salute you.

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