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Tuesday, April 01, 2008 

Scum-watch: Harassing the evil Islamic terrorist Abdul Muneem Patel.

Behold the evil Islamic terrorist eating the jihadists' favourite snack - Doritos!

As Sun journalists obviously don't have anything better to do, they've taken to stalking one of the men released in January a whole 18 days early from his sentence for having in his possession a manual on explosives.

FURY erupted last night after The Sun tracked down an Islamic terrorist released early because of jail overcrowding.

Neighbours were not told evil Abdul Muneem Patel, 18, had plotted a jet terror attack.

Err, could that possibly be because he hadn't? Patel was arrested along with the men accused of plotting the "liquid explosives" attacks on transatlantic flights, and even had his assets, one would assume temporarily, frozen by the Bank of England. Seeing however though as Patel hasn't been tried along with his presumed co-accused, it seems highly unlikely in consequence that he was anything to do with that plot.

The judge commented on what Patel had in his possession:

"You were looking after that book for someone older than you who you did not know well other than he had been an associate of your father," said the judge.

"It may be because of that man's association with your father that you naively agreed to look after that manual."

He said Patel had sealed the box but would have known that the title of the explosives manual was clear in large letters.

"It was clearly of current utility, even though it was published in 1991," said Judge Rook.

"It was dangerous if it had fallen into the wrong hands. I'm not prepared to say that you are a radicalised or politicised Islamist."

It was reported that Patel might have had in his possession the wills of those who were planning to take part in the attacks. It instead seems that these were letters from those fighting in Bosnia. I can see how that mistake was made.

The Sun isn't finished:

He was banged up in October for just six months – but was freed on licence in January.

Patel lives with his parents in Clapton, East London, where he goes shopping and drives where he wants without being watched.

One angry neighbour said: “It’s incredible. In America, he’d be in Guantanamo Bay or a high-security jail.”

Retired Thomas Willis added: “Neighbours should definitely have been informed.”

And Cilla Unwin, 58, said: “Knowing this about the man makes me terrified.”

The Justice Department claim Patel is being supervised.

The Sun has then smeared a man as a terrorist and evil when the judge in the case stated that he was not a "radicalised and politicised Islamist", told blatant lies to his neighbours about him being involved in a "jet terror attack" when the lack of prosecution for that "involvement" more than suggests that he wasn't, and scared at least one woman senseless in the process. Oh, and the "justice department" doesn't exist; presumably the Sun means the justice ministry. Still, got to keep the fear factor up, haven't we? Which the Sun is also doing, reporting as an exclusive that the police apparently foiled an attack on the London Eye and MI6 headquarters. Or rather, they found abandoned bags filled with weights at both locations, which might have been terrorist reconnaissance. Considering how covered with CCTV both are, those who left them were presumably well-camouflaged.

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