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Monday, January 23, 2012 


Not only then did the News of the World hack Milly Dowler's phone (and claim, laughably, that they had acquired both her phone number and her voicemail PIN from her school friends), they also attempted to check out their cock and bull story about Milly working for an recruitment agency by calling them and pretending to be her mother.

The report from Surrey police also debunks any notion that the NotW obtained the voicemails from the police, as both Tom Crone
and Neville Thurlbeck have suggested might have been the case. More than anything, it's the insouciance of the Screws' dealings with the police when putting their fantastical story to them, and how completely unconcerned they were that the police might find it ever so slightly strange that they'd gained access to a missing person's voicemail that most amazes. As it was, they had nothing to fear. At least, until 9 years had passed.

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